Flight Attendant Training FAQs

Hi! I’m back with another flight attendant training information post. This is for those who are attending or want to attend flight attendant training. I compiled all the questions I have been asked via email or that I had when I began my FA journey. I wanted to give answers to these questions and provideContinue reading “Flight Attendant Training FAQs”

Day 17: If You Think You Can, You Can.

I was waiting for the perfect day to update you on my training experience and today felt right for so many reasons. Two people left training today. 39 of us came here with a purpose, a story, a goal, and it hurts to see people forced to abandon the journey and take another path. IContinue reading “Day 17: If You Think You Can, You Can.”

Flight Attendant Training: My Very First Week…Kinda (Days 1-9)

I am writing this from Day 9 of training, my day OFF! It’s so crazy to think that a month ago I was anxiously waiting for my first day of flight attendant training and now I’m on day 9 out of 31! So I want to catch you up on what has happened thus farContinue reading “Flight Attendant Training: My Very First Week…Kinda (Days 1-9)”

What to Pack for Flight Attendant Training!

I would like to start this post off by saying that my ultimate goal is to start vlogging when I get more settled into my career as an FA and have more time to edit videos because I can’t do anything halfway or of poor quality. Sooooo…I received a CJO in June for my airlineContinue reading “What to Pack for Flight Attendant Training!”