Flight Attendant Training FAQs

Hi! I’m back with another flight attendant training information post. This is for those who are attending or want to attend flight attendant training. I compiled all the questions I have been asked via email or that I had when I began my FA journey. I wanted to give answers to these questions and provideContinue reading “Flight Attendant Training FAQs”

Flight Attendant Training: My Very First Week…Kinda (Days 1-9)

I am writing this from Day 9 of training, my day OFF! It’s so crazy to think that a month ago I was anxiously waiting for my first day of flight attendant training and now I’m on day 9 out of 31! So I want to catch you up on what has happened thus farContinue reading “Flight Attendant Training: My Very First Week…Kinda (Days 1-9)”

What to Pack for Flight Attendant Training!

I would like to start this post off by saying that my ultimate goal is to start vlogging when I get more settled into my career as an FA and have more time to edit videos because I can’t do anything halfway or of poor quality. Sooooo…I received a CJO in June for my airlineContinue reading “What to Pack for Flight Attendant Training!”