Why I Quit My Job AGAIN After Only a Month, Intuition, and What’s Next

Personal Growth Journey

   I really grappled with the decision to continue to update readers of the blog on my career decisions and changes. I struggled with deciding whether I should bare it all or keep things impersonal and solely help YOU to make YOUR own rules for your life. I went through phases of feeling like a quitter or a failure because things turned out differently than I thought they would. I went through feelings of being afraid that people would look at me a certain way or project negativity on to me because of my career decisions.  I also got over it fairly quickly.

     I decided to share my personal growth journey with readers simply because doing so aligns with my mission for this blog and this brand (read the “About” page for more on the specifics). I’m here to truly touch people’s lives in a real and helpful way.  I never want to stop sharing my stories and personal experiences if they can move others in the same way that they have moved me. Read on to find out why I quit my job as a flight attendant after only a month and what my overarching themes will be for the next year and beyond.

     As I prepared for Flight Attendant Training, I thought that this new career was going to be a welcome change. It would give me a mental break from teaching (my previous career), give me time to work on my Masters Degree, and give me the opportunity to explore my passions, I thought. I was so excited and so prepared. I didn’t care about the pay cut, the nights away from home, the rigorous training. I just wanted to travel the world for  F R E E  and live life adventurously while getting paid to do it!

I completed training, relocated to my new base (Minneapolis, MN), and began working. I liked being a flight attendant. It was easy, fun, and I got to travel for free on my limited off days.

So why did I quit?

The problem was me. The job was not a good spiritual fit for me as I felt a decreased sense of purpose in my work. In addition to the extreme financial struggles, health issues caused by flying, a crazy loaded work schedule, decreased time for family and my relationship, and adoption of a nomadic lifestyle, the job simply did not align with the life goals that I had recently rewritten for myself.  Many of the goals I set for myself for 3 years, 5 years, and life would be extremely difficult to accomplish working as a flight attendant. Therefore,  I made the decision that I would quit my job as a flight attendant and seek joy in other passions that were more aligned with my goals.

What’s next for me?

  • More Blogging!
  • Coaching
  • Entreprenuership
  • Masters Degree!
  • More Service to others
  • Intention in EVERYTHING I choose to do

Before I end this post, I want to take a few moments to discuss the importance of knowing and following your intuition. Intuition can be a difficult concept to understand because it is so elusive and is not black and white. I knew I needed to move on after only a month because I felt disconnected and misaligned with my purpose in my role as a flight attendant. It was a feeling of knowing that I had. No one can tell you what decisions to make, what to do with your career, when to quit your job, or whether a path is right for you. It is simply a combination of trial and error mixed with a lot of following your gut. Follow your intuition no matter what and I guarantee you’ll always be glad you did.

Thanks for reading!

Lacey Alanna


Flight Attendant Training FAQs

Personal Growth Journey

Trainiing Photo 1 - Skywest

Hi! I’m back with another flight attendant training information post. This is for those who are attending or want to attend flight attendant training. I compiled all the questions I have been asked via email or that I had when I began my FA journey. I wanted to give answers to these questions and provide you with more information on what to expect, how to prepare, and other things you may need to know on this adventure. So here goes…

  1. What is training like?    Training is difficult, emotional, rewarding, quick, and intense. You will make great friends but you may also meet people that challenge you in new ways. You will have highs and lows. You will feel so privileged to be where you are.  Enjoy every moment of it and make the most of it. I often regret wishing time away to move on to other things. Training is no exception to that.
  2. Describe the quality of life during training. Training  consists of 8-10 hour days (more 10 than 8). You will be waking up super early and sometimes late for your report time. Be sure to get lots of sleep, like prioritize sleep. You are responsible for your own food when you train with my airline (except mornings when the hotel serves breakfast). The hotel is really nice and rooms get cleaned every day. The hotel has quite a few amenities (not that you will have time to use them) including gym, hot tub, pool, printing station, and laundry onsite and in some units which makes it free.
  3. Is my airline the right one for me? How do I choose an airline? Choose an airline that is a good fit for you. I chose my airline based on things I heard from others. I never heard a single bad review and that really spoke to me. Then when I got to training, everything felt right. The rules were fairly strict, but there was a family feeling among staff and I felt valued by leadership. Those are factors that are important to me in choosing any company to start a career with.
  4. What can I wear during training?  Modesty is key. no cleavage, not too much leg, nothing risque’. Just keep it classy and modest.
  5. What should I bring to training that is not listed? I was really glad I brought a few snacks that I can only get a my local grocer from home. I also brought tupperware which was really helpful and saved me some $$$. I wish I had brought different clothing that was appropriate for the weather. I didn’t know it would be so cold so fast in Salt Lake City. I looked up weather averages for that city before packing but they are averages, not to be mistaken for actual forecasts for the month.
  6. How can I prepare for training? Save money, study your packet once received, know the rules in your packet well, and do your research.
  7. When will I get my uniforms? I received mine during the last week and a half of training.
  8. Will I be paid during training? Depends on your airline. At my airline, I was paid twice during training.
  9. What are the benefits like and when do they start? If you work for a regional airline, you will have benefits with multiple carriers for yourself and maybe even your parents, spouse, children, and travel companions of your choosing. Benefits start toward the end of training and can be used to travel home if you work with my airline.
  10. Best advice for those going to training?  From some of my classmates: Be ready to be tired and work hard, Go to bed early and pay attention in class, remember why you’re here on stressful days, stay positive, stay focused, work hard, don’t go out, do your own thing, don’t get caught up in social stuff, and drink water.
  11. How much money do I need? There is no ideal answer but having 1,000 dollars saved for during and after training is not a bad idea. Having money saved makes finding a living arrangement in your new base a lot easier after training.
  12. What was the hardest part of training?   For myself, it was bouncing back and staying motivated after failing a test or not doing so great on a test.
  13. Are relationships possible to maintain during training? Yes with a supportive partner and a will to succeed.
  14. Is training hard? In what way? Yes and no, see above questions and answers. Nothing is too hard for anyone, you got this!
  15. When will I learn my base? I got my base on the third to last day of training.


If you have more questions you would like to see answered, please go to the contact page and shoot me an email. I will do my best to answer all emails and maybe even make another post like this one.

Please comment on whether this was helpful to you.

See you in the friendly skies.

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Day 17: If You Think You Can, You Can.

Personal Growth Journey

I was waiting for the perfect day to update you on my training experience and today felt right for so many reasons. Two people left training today. 39 of us came here with a purpose, a story, a goal, and it hurts to see people forced to abandon the journey and take another path. I think we all came here for something and will leave better, newer, and most will leave with their flight attendant wings. But the reality set in today that some really great people would leave without the job.

It was super important for me to share the last 8 days with you because it’s important that you understand that everything doesn’t go perfectly and life is not about succeeding every single time. It’s about the triumph, and timing, and hard work, having a good attitude, and seeing things through even when it’s hard. In the last week I have cried 5 times (lost count actually), failed a test (passed the retake), doubted myself more than ever, been extremely confident in my abilities, and actually realized “I’m doing this for real” AND booked my first FREE flight (my flight home in two weeks).

So I’m in the middle of the hardest part of training, emergency procedures. It is important for me to mention that I failed a drill because I felt really down on myself and self doubt started to creep in immediately which made it even harder for me to pass that particular drill. You can breathe a sigh of relief now because I did end up passing on my final attempt. I believe that things happen for a reason and that people have purposes. If I can help anyone in any way, I am fulfilled.  I say that because I want to leave you with this…If you think you can’t, then you can’t. If you think something is too hard, then it is. Failure is ONLY in the mind. Whatever you think you can do, is what you can do. Whatever doubt you have in yourself will show and manifest itself in your life. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Believe you can and you can. This applies to EVERYTHING.

See you in the friendly skies.

I Took the Road Less Traveled Part 2 – What’s Next??!

Personal Growth Journey

Yesterday for the first time in the two months since I quit my job as a teacher, I broke down and asked myself “What the h*ll are you doing?”. “Why would you quit your salaried job for the unknown?”, “Why would you give up everything (money, being able to pay all your bills, being able to shop often) to travel?”, “Whats the next big move and how will you top all your previous accomplishments?”.

When you decide to make some major changes and regain control of your life, these are questions you ask yourself. If you have anxiety, its extremely hard not to let the worry take over and literally convince you that you may be making bad decisions or that you are ruining your life. I’ve gone through so many phases on this journey that have included literally anticipating the absolute worst about pursuing a career doing something I’ve literally always loved doing.  Anyways with all that being said, I am so excited because there are like a million things I want to do and I wanted to write this post to share those things with people and maybe motivate someone who is thinking of taking a major leap of faith.

So here are the reasons I decided to leave my career as an educator and explore other avenues of work.

  • I wanted more time to explore my interests, passions, ideas. Teaching sucked up so much of my time because it is work that you constantly take home.
  • I wanted a job that would allow me to travel more regularly. (As a teacher breaks were great, but burnout and exhaustion that needed to be handled over the breaks were not.)
  • I wanted to put more time into some business ideas that I had and a blog which I have been able to start.
  • I literally wanted more freedom and control over my time and head space.
  • I need to eventually be working for myself, therefore I need a job that allows me free time to develop my business ideas and work toward self-employment.

For me, leaving my job was a great decision and was right for me. Don’t all go quitting your jobs at once!  Just evaluate the things in your life that you want to change and simply change them. I can’t stress this enough. My biggest takeaway from all of this is that I am in control and so are you. If you don’t like something, change it. If you hate your job, change it. If you dislike your partner, change it. If you are unhappy for any reason, do your best to change it and don’t be afraid to make some sacrifices in the process.

So, a lot of people want to know what’s next for me. I love to travel, I love to write, and so of course after lots of interviewing, thinking, making sacrifices, my next stop on this journey is…….



See you in the friendly skies!