How To Be A Realist Without Placing Limits on Yourself

During my career transition journey, I have found myself placing so many limits on myself, labeling it as realism. People often get confused about the differences between being a realist and placing limits on yourself. This misunderstanding is easy to have because the two are so closely related. However, it is SO important that weContinue reading “How To Be A Realist Without Placing Limits on Yourself”

Why I Quit My Job AGAIN After Only a Month, Intuition, and What’s Next

   I really grappled with the decision to continue to update readers of the blog on my career decisions and changes. I struggled with deciding whether I should bare it all or keep things impersonal and solely help YOU to make YOUR own rules for your life. I went through phases of feeling like aContinue reading “Why I Quit My Job AGAIN After Only a Month, Intuition, and What’s Next”

Belize in Photos

Welcome to a journey in photos through my time in Belize, Central America. Enjoy.  Landed in Belize City. Took a 45 minute ferry to Caye Caulker for a quiet night on the island. Had a quesadilla and margarita at a local bar. Walked along the short stony beach on Caye Caulker Island. Plenty of smallContinue reading “Belize in Photos”

Flight Attendant Training FAQs

Hi! I’m back with another flight attendant training information post. This is for those who are attending or want to attend flight attendant training. I compiled all the questions I have been asked via email or that I had when I began my FA journey. I wanted to give answers to these questions and provideContinue reading “Flight Attendant Training FAQs”

I Took the Road Less Traveled Part 2 – What’s Next??!

Yesterday for the first time in the two months since I quit my job as a teacher, I broke down and asked myself “What the h*ll are you doing?”. “Why would you quit your salaried job for the unknown?”, “Why would you give up everything (money, being able to pay all your bills, being ableContinue reading “I Took the Road Less Traveled Part 2 – What’s Next??!”

10 Ways to Save on Travel

First and foremost let me say, I am ashamed and mortified of how long it took me to write this post. I have been wrapping up the school year (teacher life), TRAVELING (a week in the Dominican Republic, 4 days all over the east coast), and then interviewing for jobs. I’ve been super busy butContinue reading “10 Ways to Save on Travel”