My wedding is in 57 days as I am writing this and I couldn’t be more excited or more relaxed really! Everyone keeps implying that I must be so stressed as a “covid bride”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have read several blog posts about brides who are devastated that their big wedding has been cancelled or postponed and I see and hear all those feelings and they are valid. However, this is not one of those posts! This post is about how to proceed after you have moved past your grief and despair. I really cope with feelings by springing into action and creating a solid plan which is what I’ve done with this wedding as well.

I wanted to use this space to share some of the things that my fiancé and I are doing to make our wedding more “safe”. When we cancelled our larger wedding due to Covid, we decided to still get married and use the money we saved toward buying a home next year. The perfect solution was to have a “micro-wedding” which is currently a very popular concept in the midst of the pandemic. Essentially, we cancelled our large hotel venue and will be having our wedding at an AirBnB with less than 30 guests in attendance.

When we initially decided to cancel the larger wedding, I had a very, very hard time finding any resources. I couldn’t find any published tips on making my wedding safer in like a podcast, blog, or YouTube video form. I mean, I found nothing!

So, I had to get creative and look to wedding forums, Pinterest, and news articles about conferences and events being held in the post-covid world because safety was our top priority. I could never find any detailed descriptions of how people actually pulled off a socially distant, safe wedding and got extremely frustrated feeling somewhat lost and stuck.

Now that we have organized our event and made some major changes using some innovative ideas, I am excited to share these tips so that maybe another bride can benefit from my research and skip over the feeling of being stuck when trying to curate a safe event.

Here are 10 things we are doing to make our wedding “socially distant”:

  1. Reducing our guest list – We went from 125 people to 25 people. This has saved us a ton of money and spared us a lot of anxiety about covid. We were really worried at the time that restrictions in our area might not be lifted for gatherings of that size in time. Even if they were, we didn’t feel like that was any assurance that it was safe to proceed with that many people and endanger the lives of our family members or myself (since I am immunocompromised). We will be setting up a livestream via Facebook for our guests that will not be attending in person.
  2. Serving cupcakes instead of cake and having only two people serve all the food- I mean this is a no brainer. This will definitely eliminate having to get the cake cut and hand out slices or having multiple people handling food, especially because we will not have a waitstaff for our micro-wedding.
  3. Setting up a dessert table with all boxed and bagged treats – They will of course, fit in with our decor and theme. But every treat will be individually boxed or bagged to make it an easy grab and go station at our wedding.
  4. Hosting games instead of a full night of dancing – We will be playing the wedding shoe game and our guests will watch first dances, parent dances, virtual and in-person toasts to take up a bunch of time and reduce the amount of time spent actually moving around and socializing.
  5. Serving appetizers in a to-go container – Again, the idea here is grab and go. We will of course be using compostable containers because I care about the environment, lol.
  6. Open bar featuring mini-bottles of alcohol- There’s a theme here. We will be setting up a grab and go drink station where people can pick up a pre-made mini bag of ice, mini bottle of liquor and/or a non-alcoholic drink. We will be purchasing a ton of mini liquor bottles of a bunch of varieties. Guests can take these back to their table and make a drink at their seat. Again, we don’t have waitstaff and this was the easiest way to prevent congestion and pouring of large shared bottles into glasses. Gross! The only thing that will be full sized is the champagne for the toast and that will be pre-poured into unused glasses by one family member. My fiancé and I will also have our own specialty beverages like a really good wine for us to share.
  7. Socially distanced seats and seating by household- We will be seating our guests with those individuals that they either live with or are staying with. The goal is to keep households to gather to reduce exposure. We have about 8 tables for 25 people, so it’s serious.
  8. Holding the ceremony and reception outdoors – Truly praying that is doesn’t rain that day and that fall comes late like it did last year! Holding everything outdoors decreases the risk of the spread of covid since there is more air flow obviously.
  9. Requiring masks in certain areas – Essentially in the kitchen when being served food, at food/drink stations, and when walking around the venue indoors people will be required to wear a mask.
  10. Giving out personal hand sanitizer spray and masks as wedding favors upon entry – We will also have sanitizer at every station. However, we feel it’s best to arm our guests with their own as well. It will be a DIY recipe using really strong alcohol of course.

**As a bonus, we are also sending out information on free testing sites and encouraging our guests to get tested a week or two before the wedding. this is not required but, it is just a little extra assurance.

I’m so grateful that we still get to have our wedding and that love will win, even during a very dark time. I’d love to answer any questions you have about planning a wedding during a pandemic. Comment or visit my Instagram to follow my wedding planning journey.

Thank you so much if you have read to this point. It means the world to me that people actually read the blog and I hope that it helps even just one person.

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