After almost two weeks of almost non-stop work, sweat, hustle, and passion, I opened an online vintage clothing shop on Etsy. This shop has been not only my passion project, but so much fun and so fitting for me. I have always loved clothing and I have always loved upcycling pieces. I have now created a home at which this hobby can become a business.

I started out about 6-8 months ago buying and upcycling vintage clothing. I had this vision of creating a way to do what I like to do and make some extra money. It is a creative outlet and a passion project for me. The project focuses on curating 1980s and 1990s vintage. However, I have so many goals for what started out as a project.

I wanted to blog this week about how my vision for the past year of doing something for myself that is all mine has finally come to fruition in my life. I am only just getting started. Below, I have posted some items that are available for sale in my shop. Check them out…

Please check out my shop on Etsy at the link below:


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