Learning Patience: How To Enjoy The Wait

Patience is one of the hardest traits to develop in oneself. I literally hate waiting for anything. I don’t like waiting for food, service, opportunities, or other things that might actually be good for me. But, I can honestly say that the times that I have been at my wit’s end waiting for something have been the times where reality exceeded my expectations. However, the amount of time that I spent waiting did not change because I was so anxious and impatient. What if we could learn to enjoy the wait? What if we could learn to not only fill the time but to prepare for something amazing before we even knew it was coming?

We become so passionate about things that we don’t just let them happen. Pushing for something is okay but when you push so hard that you aren’t enjoying and embracing the present, self-awareness, happiness, and full presence diminish. I found myself on this path recently and re-centered myself. Anxiety and being socialized to measure your success by other people’s standards can be major factors of stress and impatience. Essentially, impatience is wishing away or not utilizing the present because we are so focused on the future and waiting for something. We are waiting for something to happen, to receive something, to know something. We are longing for a near or even distant future without being fully present.

I started to wonder what people should do to make the most of wait time. I found that we must improve ourselves. If you are waiting for something, you should absolutely prepare for it in the meantime. If it is a new job or opportunity, we should work on ourselves so that we are in the best position to be successful for that moment when reality exceeds our expectations. Recently, I interviewed for a job and as soon as the interview was over, the hardest part began, the waiting period. I began to prepare myself for my new role by starting to do some similar independent work for practice, researching the role and responsibilities.

Additionally, I looked inward to evaluate what habits I had that might negatively affect my success in my new role. That means I organized clutter in my home, sorted through my wardrobe, prepared materials for the possible new role. I kept myself busy, but I did productive and efficient tasks that set me up for success. Learn to utilize the wait. If your opportunity or the thing you were waiting on came tomorrow, what would you do? Are you truly fully prepared in every way? These are questions to ask yourself and problems to solve.

Patience is a virtue, not only because it is difficult. It is a virtue because once you have learned to be patient, you have learned to utilize every moment. You refuse to waste any second because you know that it can mean the difference between your success and failure.

What are you waiting for? What are you doing to prepare for it?


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Thanks for reading!

Lacey Alanna


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