25 Means I Make the Rules.

I have been writing drafts of posts for the last two weeks, promising myself that I will find the perfect words to finish them. However, in honor of turning a quarter century old, I wanted to start over and reflect on things I’ve learned thus far as it relates to where I am right now in my life and the themes I see for myself now and in the future. I wanted to share these things with you just in case you’re at the same place or you find yourself here and you’re looking for someone to say “I was there too” like I am.

A few months ago, I quit my career and did something totally different. It has certainly been a journey, even if not the journey I expected it to be. I took the road less traveled by and by and here I am. I’m at an intersection between old things, new things, self discovery, and living life with purpose. I appreciate that I will never wonder “what if” about certain decisions in my life, even if those decisions ended up turning out differently than expected. I will live knowing that I tried and I conquered difficult things even if those things weren’t necessarily my purpose or my calling. That experience and growth is the foundation for the growth that I will share with you below…

So I’m 25 and I’m still not 100 percent sure what I want to do with my life.  In the past I knew what I wanted but wondered how I would get there, if I would get there. I found myself second-guessing decisions that I made, wondering how they would impact my future. I found myself doubting more often because it’s so hard to be sure of anything at this age. I found myself caring too much what others would think because I wanted to be fun, fabulous, beautiful,  and successful. I wanted other people to think those things about me and about my life and what they see.  I had a lot of questions and not enough answers about how to live my very best life. Most importantly, I measured success by the standards of others and not by my own.

With that being said I’ve learned so much in the past 6 months, more than I have time to list. Lets be honest, flight attending with a regional airline wasn’t what I thought it would be by a long shot and that is totally okay. However, I want to share that the things I want at 25 are not the same as what I wanted at younger ages.  NOW, I want a successful blog where I can reach followers who are like me, wondering how to navigate the waters of living a fulfilling life. NOW, I want a successful business that impacts people and will leave the world better than it was in some small way.

The difference between myself at 20,21,22,23 and myself NOW is that I make the rules, I break the rules, and I always win. NOW, I am in control and I can do whatever makes me happy. NOW, I know that things don’t always work out as planned but they work out how they are supposed to and that makes all the difference.

Whatever year of life this is for you, own it. YOU make the rules and you break them if you want. You come out on top no matter what and absolutely anything is possible if you want it to be. There are gonna be many times when you change your mind, you come up with a better plan, you rewrite the plan. 25 for me will be a year of self-love, self-discovery, doing what I love, and making my own rules. I’ve lived and I’ve conquered so much already. I look forward to taking this blog to the next level and conquering even more challenges that lie ahead and writing my own story, plot twists included.

What have you done just to say you did it? What rules have you written for yourself, void of the judgments and opinions of others? How have you defined success for yourself and not by the standards of others?

See you in the friendly skies.

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