Flight Attendant Training FAQs

Trainiing Photo 1 - Skywest

Hi! I’m back with another flight attendant training information post. This is for those who are attending or want to attend flight attendant training. I compiled all the questions I have been asked via email or that I had when I began my FA journey. I wanted to give answers to these questions and provide you with more information on what to expect, how to prepare, and other things you may need to know on this adventure. So here goes…

  1. What is training like?    Training is difficult, emotional, rewarding, quick, and intense. You will make great friends but you may also meet people that challenge you in new ways. You will have highs and lows. You will feel so privileged to be where you are.  Enjoy every moment of it and make the most of it. I often regret wishing time away to move on to other things. Training is no exception to that.
  2. Describe the quality of life during training. Training  consists of 8-10 hour days (more 10 than 8). You will be waking up super early and sometimes late for your report time. Be sure to get lots of sleep, like prioritize sleep. You are responsible for your own food when you train with my airline (except mornings when the hotel serves breakfast). The hotel is really nice and rooms get cleaned every day. The hotel has quite a few amenities (not that you will have time to use them) including gym, hot tub, pool, printing station, and laundry onsite and in some units which makes it free.
  3. Is my airline the right one for me? How do I choose an airline? Choose an airline that is a good fit for you. I chose my airline based on things I heard from others. I never heard a single bad review and that really spoke to me. Then when I got to training, everything felt right. The rules were fairly strict, but there was a family feeling among staff and I felt valued by leadership. Those are factors that are important to me in choosing any company to start a career with.
  4. What can I wear during training?  Modesty is key. no cleavage, not too much leg, nothing risque’. Just keep it classy and modest.
  5. What should I bring to training that is not listed? I was really glad I brought a few snacks that I can only get a my local grocer from home. I also brought tupperware which was really helpful and saved me some $$$. I wish I had brought different clothing that was appropriate for the weather. I didn’t know it would be so cold so fast in Salt Lake City. I looked up weather averages for that city before packing but they are averages, not to be mistaken for actual forecasts for the month.
  6. How can I prepare for training? Save money, study your packet once received, know the rules in your packet well, and do your research.
  7. When will I get my uniforms? I received mine during the last week and a half of training.
  8. Will I be paid during training? Depends on your airline. At my airline, I was paid twice during training.
  9. What are the benefits like and when do they start? If you work for a regional airline, you will have benefits with multiple carriers for yourself and maybe even your parents, spouse, children, and travel companions of your choosing. Benefits start toward the end of training and can be used to travel home if you work with my airline.
  10. Best advice for those going to training?  From some of my classmates: Be ready to be tired and work hard, Go to bed early and pay attention in class, remember why you’re here on stressful days, stay positive, stay focused, work hard, don’t go out, do your own thing, don’t get caught up in social stuff, and drink water.
  11. How much money do I need? There is no ideal answer but having 1,000 dollars saved for during and after training is not a bad idea. Having money saved makes finding a living arrangement in your new base a lot easier after training.
  12. What was the hardest part of training?   For myself, it was bouncing back and staying motivated after failing a test or not doing so great on a test.
  13. Are relationships possible to maintain during training? Yes with a supportive partner and a will to succeed.
  14. Is training hard? In what way? Yes and no, see above questions and answers. Nothing is too hard for anyone, you got this!
  15. When will I learn my base? I got my base on the third to last day of training.


If you have more questions you would like to see answered, please go to the contact page and shoot me an email. I will do my best to answer all emails and maybe even make another post like this one.

Please comment on whether this was helpful to you.

See you in the friendly skies.

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