Flight Attendant Training: My Very First Week…Kinda (Days 1-9)

I am writing this from Day 9 of training, my day OFF! It’s so crazy to think that a month ago I was anxiously waiting for my first day of flight attendant training and now I’m on day 9 out of 31!

So I want to catch you up on what has happened thus far since I’ve been in Salt Lake City, Utah and some things I’ve learned since I’ve been on the “other side”.


Above: The cute Clarks mentioned in my previous post =)

First of all, I love being in training for this amazing “job”. Like, I’m gonna be a flight attendant for real, if everything goes as planned for the next 22 days.

I got here last Wednesday and got assigned a suite with 2 other people. It’s a 2 bedroom suite with 2 beds and a pullout sofa which definitely made for some interesting introductions. My first day here, I just literally had to pick my jaw up off of the floor to take in the beauty of the first real mountains I’ve ever seen. Salt Lake is not really what I expected, but beautiful still. I was surprised that it is not a huge city and doesn’t seem to have much going on socially (especially with all the restrictions on alcohol), thus far (unless I’m missing the whole picture which could totally be possible).

Days 1-9 have included two trips Walmart, two exams (which I passed, yay!), some cool hands on stuff with aircraft emergency equipment, a uniform fitting ( I live for my future flight attendant uniform!), and a few great nights with some new people I’ve met since my time here. I am excited to start flying in less than a month and I am super thankful for this opportunity. I mean I am gonna get paid to travel, how PERFECT.


Above: What you look like when there is a 10 am report time =)

I don’t want to share anything that I am not allowed to share. However, I do want to leave some helpful hints about training with my airline or other airlines, maybe some things I wish I knew BEFORE Day 9 so here goes…

  • Make shopping lists prior to Walmart trips – you will only have an hour to shop which gets pretty crazy
  • Bring a luggage tote with wheels to carry to class everyday, not a shoulder bag as recommended in my previous post. You will get heavy required items that you will be carrying everyday. Save your back and shoulders.
  • Leave room in your suitcase to take home uniforms after training. Don’t over pack.
  • Sleep as much as possible, you will need it to stay alert and focused in class.
  • Take lots of snacks to class to keep you awake and pack a light lunch to prevent midday drowsiness. Also, try to meal prep for a few days at a time to help with time management.
  • Be kind and help others. When you are helpful and kind to your classmates, they will return the favor and look out for you when you need it through sickness, sad days, and whatever else you might go through during training. These things happen to everyone and you don’t know what battles others are fighting.
  • Use down time to review material. There’s a lot of it and exposing yourself to material as often as possible prepares you to pass exams and be ready to perform job duties thoroughly on the line.
  • Don’t forget to drink water. It helps amidst the 10 cups of coffee you need to stay awake in class.
  • Figure out how you’re going to stay awake in class! This is so hard for me and “Death by Powerpoint” is a real thing.
  • Bring your favorite food items from home because you only get a ride to Walmart and they were missing SO MANY of my favorite snacks. It’s nice to have a couple comforts from home.
  • Accept any free food or snacks you are offered. Seriously, take advantage and save money!
  • Relax, don’t stress too much about exams. Listen in class and try to think about how you will apply your knowledge out on line. It naturally helps you to retain information.
  • Try to regulate your sleep schedule. It’s been tough because class has different starting and ending times every day! However, try to stick to a bed time and wake time that is the same everyday so that you aren’t going nuts with all the different wake times and bed times. My body likes regularity and routine, so my rest is much higher quality when routinized.Otherwise, I have a hard time staying awake through all those powerpoints. lol



Above: What you look like when you haven’t regulated your sleep schedule

So, these are some things that I have learned over the past 9 days and have become really important in helping me to get through training. I’m having a blast so far and I’ve met some amazing people. Now, I’m working hard to learn the material and looking forward to Graduation day. The 9 days has gone by soooooo fast and I know that I’m going to look back and wonder where the time went. If you have any questions, please please please reach out. If you have completed flight attendant training and have things to add that helped you get your wings, please comment below! If you are headed to training, good luck!


See you in the friendly skies!

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